Our #TeacherAsActivist series features a panel discussion among invited speakers around topics vital to teaching in today's climate. We invite you to view archived footage of these discussions here!

Join Drs. A. Lin Goodwin and Kevin Kumashiro as they discuss what it means for educators to work to support students who are immigrants; how teachers can create safe spaces for immigrant students and their families in classrooms, schools, and communities; and how teachers can nourish student learning in ways that honor and build upon prior experiences in order to facilitate access to new opportunities.

Join Drs. Lisa Delpit and Chris Emdin as they discuss key principles in raising expectations for students in urban school settings and outline how these principles look in practice from the elementary to collegiate level.

The role of a teacher is one that bears an inherent opportunity for working toward creating spaces of justice and responding to injustices that exist in the world around us. Join Drs. Pedro Noguera, Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Jelani Cobb, and Micia Mosely as they discuss what it looks like, in our current social and political climate, for educators to embrace this role, specifically in the context of the Black Lives Matter movement. How might teachers support and challenge themselves, as well as the communities, schools, and students with whom they work? What does it mean for a teacher to take on the role of activist?