Application Process

Future Applicants

We are excited to see your interest in applying to the Teaching Residents at Teachers College teacher preparation program! Choosing to pursue a career in teaching is an important decision, so as you continue along in the first steps of this process, we encourage you to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Information Sessions

Want to know more? Attend an information session at Teachers College!

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How to Apply

TR@TC runs on established cycles that begin in January and end in June of the following year. The application for our 2021 cohort will be available in August. Please submit all application materials by November 6, 2020.

As you complete the application requirements, be sure to follow the directions carefully and accurately. 

Finding applicants who are a good fit for TR@TC is a process that we take very seriously. Because of this, the final step in our application process will include a two-day in-person interview for application finalists only. The dates for the interview process will in late November 2020 (before Thanksgiving break). Once interviewed we will contact finalists with invitations to participate in this event. Applicants who are finalists in the admissions process will be asked to be in attendance on both days. For invited finalists living outside of the NYC area, we will discuss and organize travel arrangements with you when we reach out with an invitation to participate.

  • Take the GRE: Regardless of educational background, if you have not taken the GRE in the last five years, you must complete this requirement. If you have taken the GRE in the last five years, these scores may be submitted. Your application is not considered complete until your GRE scores have been submitted.
  • Update your resume: Your resume should be a chronological listing of your employment history, educational history, academic endeavors, and other significant activities.
  • Write your TC Statement of Purpose: The Statement of Purpose should be 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced. It should describe your academic and professional background, plans for graduate school, your professional goals, and how and why you are a good fit for the program and specific certification area. It should be tailored to Teachers College and your specific program of interest.
  • Write your TR@TC supplemental essay: The TR@TC supplemental essay is an academic essay that requires applicants to respond to a prompt by both synthesizing both their own personal experience and assigned sources. The TR@TC supplemental essay is available upon request prior to the opening of the application. To request supplemental essay materials, email us at
  • Select a writing sample: Select a piece of writing of any genre (e.g. an academic paper from a previous class, a story you’ve written, a poem or lyrics you’ve penned) that makes you particularly proud and that captures your voice. This piece can be of any length and will be uploaded as part of the supplemental TR@TC materials when the application is open.
  • Complete your TC electronic application: The TR@TC application is open and accessible through the TC Admission Portal.
  • Submit transcripts from schools you have attended: Be sure to make arrangements for official transcripts from all higher education institutions to be submitted to Teachers College, even if you took only a few classes and/or did not finish a degree from the school.
  • Check submitted components: Make sure that all components of the application are complete and accurate. Your electronic application will not be reviewed by TR@TC until all components are fulfilled and the application is fully submitted.
  • Wait to hear about Round 2 of the application process: Some applicants will be invited to participate in the TR@TC Admissions Institute, dates for the upcoming Admissions Institute to be announced. Arrangements for this event will be communicated with all applicants who are being invited to attend. Participation in the Admissions Institute is necessary for all applicants who wish to be considered for the program.
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