“Teachers are Works in Progress”: A Mixed Methods Study of Teaching Residents’ Beliefs and Articulations on Teaching for Social Justice

This mixed method study examines the beliefs and articulations of teaching for social justice; findings suggest that residents developed nuanced ways of articulating and endorsing ideas related to teaching for social justice.

Context as mediator: Exploring teaching residents’ opportunity and learning in high-need urban schools

Based on a study of teaching residents’ opportunities and learning within the overlapping contexts of English as a Second Language (ESL)/special education classrooms and high-need urban schools, authors found that mentor teachers play a central role in determining the kinds of opportunities afforded to residents and the ways in which factors unique to these clinical contexts shape learning.

Mentor teachers as field-based teacher educators in an urban teacher residency: Lessons learn-ing

With the program entering its sixth year, we have learned that mentors need guidance on how to teach adults, general education teachers have an important role to play, it’s crucial to identify partnership schools, and positioning mentors as experts enriches the program as a whole.

A Closer Look at the Practice and Impact of Rounds

This article delves into the conceptualization and practice of Rounds in the U.S., U.K., and Australia by theorizing around the idea, providing portraits of implementation, and sharing research that has emerged from enactments of Rounds with both pre-service and in-service teachers.

Round and Round: Examining Teaching Residents’ Reflections on Education Rounds in an Urban Teacher Resident Program

This study examines the education rounds model in a graduate-level teacher residency program in New York City; findings suggest that the process highlighted gaps in preservice teachers’ understandings of how, when, and why to use particular instructional strategies and principles.

Playing Doctor with Teacher Preparation: An Examination of Rounds as a Socializing Mechanism for Pre-service Teachers

In this article, we consider how rounds, as organizational routines, work to socialize new teachers into the profession and how rounds function to conserve or transform the practice of teaching.

Unpacking the Data: An Analysis of The Use of Danielson’s (2007) Framework for Professional Practice in a Teacher Residency Program

This mixed methods study examines one teacher preparation program’s use of Danielson’s 2007 Framework for Professional Practice, with an emphasis on how different stakeholders in the traditional student teaching triad rated student teachers, called residents, and justified their ratings.

Support and assist: Approaches to mentoring in a year-long teacher residency

This article is an examination of mentor teachers’ approaches to mentoring preservice teachers in a yearlong teacher residency program; we found that mentors predominantly provided support and technical assistance to the residents learning to teach, drawing on humanistic, and situated apprentice perspectives on mentoring.