Degree Information & Degree Audit

Degree Information & Audit

Degree Audit

Teacher College’s degree audit system is designed to assist students keep track of their progress towards a degree program.  The audit is a snapshot of the student’s academic history and includes all degree requirements, in progress courses, transfer credits, and more. The degree audit is also used as the degree application process for graduation. Students pursuing an en passant degree, please use and follow the "Degree Audit Student Manual - Adding Goals" instructional guide. 

*When submitting the degree audit as your application for graduation, the Office of the Registrar will refer to the “DECLARED” degree/major program for review and clearing purposes (exception: en passant majors).

*The degree audit system cannot be accessed in some areas outside the United States. If you have questions regarding this please contact

Degree Audit Faculty Manual

Degree Audit Student Manual


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