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Office of School and Community Partnerships

Office of School and Community Partnerships

Teachers College Community School

For more information on anticipated teaching positions at Teachers College Community School for 2018-2019, click here

‌‌Teachers College and the New York City Department of Education opened the Teachers College Community School (TCCS) in September 2011. It is a public PreK-8 school whose purpose is to demonstrate how affiliation with an institution of higher education can support an outstanding public school education for children in the community. TCCS is also a demonstration site for educational research, preparation of educators, and implementation of comprehensive educational services including out-of-school time learning opportunities and social and health services that support children's ability to learn. Located one-half mile from the TC campus, the school is phasing in one grade a year and currently enrolls 285 students in grades PreK-6. ‌

TC regards TCCS as central to its founding mission to bring educational opportunities to all members of society. TC’s guiding principle in creating the school is to deliver exemplary, comprehensive educational opportunities to children in West Harlem, including best educational practices for teaching and learning, early childhood education so that children get a good start, out-of-school time learning opportunities such as after school programs, and social and health services that support children’s ability to learn. The school has become the most popular in Harlem based on kindergarten applications thanks to the commitment and hard work of the school’s administration, instructional staff and parents, and Teachers College faculty and students. To ensure and sustain the school’s success, TC provides a range of services, expertise and other resources:‌

  •     Assists in the development and evaluation of curriculum
  •     Provides professional development for teachers
  •     Places student teachers, tutors and interns in the school
  •     Provides academic enrichment in areas such as art, music, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and nutrition
  •     Assists in the design and instruction for the after-school program
  •     Offers health, wellness and family support services
  •     Provides access to College facilities such as libraries, laboratories and auditoriums
  •     Participates in school governance, planning and operations
  •     Builds public and private partnerships and raises funds to support the school.

Please visit the Teachers College Community School website for more information.