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Sponsored Programs

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The Office of Sponsored Programs is located in
Russell Hall, Ground Floor, Room 15.
Last update: July 25, 2019
On July 18, 2019, Dr. Tom Brock, current Director of the Community College Research Center (CCRC) and former Director of the National Center for Education Research (NCER) at US ED gave a talk about the IES reviewprocess, recent changes and current priorities.
IES 2020 Announcement:
IES has released RFAs for the 2020 Research Grant Competitions, which can be found at the link below.  The deadline for most programs is August 29, with center grant applications due on September 26. Full applications for all programs will be available on July 11 on
This year's RFAs have been significantly revamped, including a few new competition.  A brief note on the programs and this year's priorities can be found in this note from the Director of IES, Mark Schneider.
OSP Staffing Assignments by Department/Center: Please note changes made effective November 6, 2017.
The OSP Staff is:
Paul Kran, Director, 212.678.4106
Natasha Guadalupe, Assistant Director of Client Services, 212.678.8199. In addition to her duties as Assistant Director, Natasha will provide SPA services for:
Accelerated Schools, CCRC, CPRE, CCF, Financial Aid, Huber, ILT, ITS, IUME, Klingenstein, Library, NCREST, Office of School & Community Partnership, Office of International Affairs, Provost's Office, Reading and Writing Project, Resilience Center
Eileen Hawley-Nigro, Senior Sponsored Project Administrator, 212.678.8148
A&H, Cahn Fellows, C&T, CPET, CTSC, EPSA, Hechinger, HD, MST, ORL
Kirsten Talgo, Senior Sponsored Project Administrator, 212.678.4187
BBS, CCP, HBS, ICCCR, Office of Teacher Ed/Peace Corp Fellows