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In honor and In memory

With deep appreciation, we gratefully recognize the following donors who have made gifts to Teachers College in memory or in honor of friends, family and faculty.

In Honor of Prof. William G. Anderson

John W. Hershey

In Honor of Leslie Beebe

Janice L. Dowd, Ed.D.

In Honor of Sandra J. Black

Judith P. Black

In Honor of Dr. Judith Christopher

Lesley L. Shiffrin

In Honor of Joyce B. Cowin

Enid & Lester S. Morse, Jr.

In Honor of William Croasdale, Ed.D.

New England Institute of Technology

In Honor of Col. Wm. H. Dribben

Barcella Dribben

In Honor of Eva H. Dribben

Barcella Dribben

In Honor of Susan Fuhrman

Jody Arnhold

Naomi S. Gelfand

In Honor of Antoinette Gentile

Robert Stadulis

In Honor of Erik Gordon

Alexandra Simmons

In Honor of Maxine Greene


Kathleen K. Aucoin

Dr. Nancy B. Austin

Lana D. Benatovich

Zengliang Cai, Ed.D.

Cecille Citroen Davis

Martha H. Eddy, Ed.D.

Gloria B. Grimes

Donald G. Hoople, Ed.D.

Ruth K. King

Cabrini B. Lepis

Eileen Lewis-Lurin

Margery M. Martin

Barbara M. Martindale

Edwin D. McLane, Ed.D.

Betty C. Miller

In Honor of Stanley B. Greenfield

Richard K. Greenfield, Ed.D.

In Honor of Joan D. Gussow

Bettejane Kremen Goldman

In Honor of Mary Harleston

George Sinkler, Ed.D.

In Honor of Pearl Rock Kane

Philip Peck

David M. Suter

Benjamin T. Whitman, Ed.D.

In Honor of Scott Kelliher

Claire Saladin

In Honor of Philip Lang

Lucille L. Lattanzi

In Honor of Dr. Henry Linn

Harold W. Miers, Ed.D.

In Honor of A. Louise Mason Miller

Janice Phillips

In Honor of William Olsen

Stuart H. Olsen

In Honor of Scott C. Pearson

MetLife Foundation

Clarence E. Pearson

In Honor of Dr. Betty Reardon

Marilyn M. Morgan

In Honor of Maxine C. Robertson

R.L. McFall

In Honor of Virginia Garcia Senal

Gabriela Villarmarzo

In Honor of Betty Y. Stone

Amy S. Belkin, Ed.D.

In Honor of Florence Stratemeyer

Frederick B. Bunt, Jr., Ed.D.

In Honor of Nicole Vartanian

Jeanette S. Wagner

In Honor of Dr. Robert Wilson

James O. Mintz, Ed.D.

In Honor of Rita B. Worthy

Susan D. Buell


In Memory of Fay Abramson

Ellen N. Lauter

In Memory of Virginia French Allen

Carolyn Morra Birden

In Memory of Arthur Andersen

Daniel Andersen

In Memory of David B. Austin

Judith Austin

In Memory of Annette Axtmann

Mary Lou Sgro

In Memory of Ward S. Bell

Barbara L. Bell

In Memory of Judith B. Brandenburg

Stephanie T. Benjamin

In Memory of Dr. Michael Brick

William L. Boyle, Jr., Ed.D.

In Memory of Nellie G. Britton

Diane Berson

Phillip S. Block

Steven Buehler

Lloyd Campbell

Jeffrey P. Cunningham

Ralph J. Cuomo

Steve Delorenzo

Kevin J. Durkin

David Foo

Robert M. Frehse, Jr.

Andrew B. Golbert

Donald A. Hall

Ardyth L. Hall

Willis Hartshorn

Mark Hasson

Anthony Hoberman

Lorraine L. Holland

Kimberly Hooper

Phyllis S. Hyde, M.D.

Jarlath Johnston

Jodie W. King

Charles Klein

Nancy L. Lane

Edwin A. Lewis

Larry M. Loeb

Gilbert C. Maurer

Ronald W. Moore

Leary A. Murphy

Michael Pinkus

Edwin Rusgo

Theodore P. Shen

Sabriya Siddiq

Donald Smith

Robert S. Vecchio

Veritable, LP

In Memory of Dr. Paul Byers

Evelyn J. Plummer, Ed.D.

In Memory of Raymond E. Callahan

Louis M. Smith

In Memory of Florence Campagna

Robert V. Campagna

In Memory of Larry Cremin

Mel Elfin

In Memory of Renee Darvin

Marcia Annenberg

Kristin Baxter, Ed.D.

Heidi P. Benson

Professor Judith M. Burton

Sarah H. Clark

Catherine M. Embree, Ed.D.

Professor Joan Jeffri

Thomas W. Lollar

Professor Joy L. Moser

Toby Needler

Susan L. Wartur

In Memory of James Davenport

Bernice H. Davenport

In Memory of Nancy Dobbins

Denise Gordon

In Memory of Donald Elwell

Laurance I. Schwartz

In Memory of Steven and Daniel Falk

Karen Falk

In Memory of Professor John H. Fischer

Miles P. Fischer

David H. Fischer

In Memory of Jeannette Fleischner

Giannina Convertino, Ed.D.

Joel C. Dickstein, Ed.D.

In Memory of Jeanette Fossner

Alvin K. Fossner, Ed.D.

In Memory of Sharon Franks

Audrey C. Mitchell

In Memory of Prof. Ruth Z. Gold

Hyman M. Gold

In Memory of Catherine Goodwin

Paul A. Barth

In Memory of Anne Carroll Grece

Carroll A. Grece

In Memory of Eula Mae Respess Gueft

Tucker M. Respess

In Memory of Barbara S. Gullett

Rosemary Ryan

In Memory of Dr. Priska Gysin

Sharon R. Phillips

In Memory of Marion Brown Hague

Frederick J. Brown

In Memory of Cecil Harbin

Helen J. Harbin

In Memory of Donal K. Higgins

Michael I. Markowitz

In Memory of Nelta Blackstock Hinsdale

N. L. Hinsdale

In Memory of Randall Rapp Holden

Jo-Anna Holden

In Memory of Dr. Erling M. Hunt

Ellen E. Dodge, Ed.D.

Samuel Rabinoff

In Memory of Leland B. Jacobs

Patricia W. Berger

In Memory of Professor
Spencer H. Jameson

Gwen McEvilley

In Memory of Chester Jack Judy

Martha A. Boyd

Ruth B. Buss

Rayford Clark

Gladys J. Groszkruger

Joan J. Helmer

Faye C. Lenox

Debbie Perrin

Karen C. Tinsley

C. S. Washburn

Hester W. White

In Memory of Albert Karafin

Carolyn K. Harris

In Memory of Frances W. Katz

Noah Katz

In Memory of Sylvia Kessler

Frederic Black

In Memory of Dr. Leah Blumberg Lapidus

Janice L. Dowd, Ed.D.

In Memory of Frances Lee

Lynn F. Jemmott, Ed.D.

In Memory of Mr. & Mrs.
Roland E. Leger

Miss Patricia M. Leger

In Memory of Marjois Lenox

Cynthia Lenox

In Memory of Dr. Margaret Lindsey

Dorothy Townsend Robertson

In Memory of Dr. Ralph Logan

Ann S. Logan

In Memory of Virginia and Leonard Marx

The Marx Family

In Memory of Flora D. McGovern

Ellen Landi

In Memory of James Milligan

Karen J. Blank, Ed.D.

In Memory of Mable Morris

Madeleine D. Lord

In Memory of Ann M. Mulholland

Rosemarie Campanile- Marino

In Memory of O. G. Nelson

M. Janice Nelson, Ed.D.

In Memory of Jack Z. Noorigian

James C. Noorigian

In Memory of Raymond C. Norris

Jane K. Norris

In Memory of Chief C.K.N. Obih

Elizabeth U. Obih-Frank

In Memory of A. Harry Passow

Ching-Shen L. Chen

Deborah Passow Yaffe

In Memory of Estrella R. Patell

Rusi K.N. Patell

IBM Corporation

In Memory of
Dr. Ellen Pressman

Marcia S. Singer, Ed.D.

In Memory of David M. Price

Bonnie K. Dazenski

In Memory of John H. Rehm Jr.

Loretta H. Rehm

In Memory of Murray H. Reich

Naomi A. Reich

In Memory of Rosalea Schonbar

Claire Saladin

In Memory of Dr. Alfred H. Schwartz

Iris Nelson-Schwartz

In Memory of Jack Shana

Syd K. Shana

In Memory of Maurice H. Sigler

Anne D. Nock Sigler

In Memory of Professor
Walter E. Sindlinger

Dr. Sonya F. and Milton Shapiro

In Memory of Carolyn G. Spiro

Gregory Cannata

In Memory of Robert G. Stillwell

Robert G. Stillwell

In Memory of Robert Strothenke

Norma S. Strothenke

In Memory of Kenneth Sweeney

Elsie N. Grime

In Memory of Albert S. &
Ruby R. Thompson

Lois J. Forbes, Ed.D.

In Memory of Mary Ellen Thrasher

Mary Beck

In Memory of Sheila Holtzen Watson

Alvin E. Watson

In Memory of Eugenia Marie Wendt

Mary F. Wendt

In Memory of Leslie Williams

Libera M. Avitabile

Mary Lou Sgro

Professor Marjorie Siegel

Published Wednesday, May. 11, 2011