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The Annual Fund

Supporting the Annual Fund means providing vital operating dollars so that Teachers College faculty and students have the resources they need to work at the highest levels of excellence, day in and day out. By giving to the Fund, donors help the College thrive, ensuring our margin of excellence and inspiring others to follow their example. It is an honor to acknowledge and thank all our Annual Fund donors. The names of those giving $250 or more to the Fund are listed below.
Supporting the Annual Fund means providing vital operating dollars so that Teachers College faculty and students have the resources they need to work at the highest levels of excellence, day in and day out. By giving to the Fund, donors help the College thrive, ensuring our margin of excellence and inspiring others to follow their example. It is an honor to acknowledge and thank all our Annual Fund donors. The names of those giving $250 or more to the Fund are listed below.
The John Dewey Circle brings together Teachers College’s most generous and loyal alumni and friends who support the College through a yearly contribution of $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund. These leadership gifts provide vital resources we can count on each year and are a mainstay of our operating budget. Dewey Circle members preserve and enhance TC’s traditions of academic excellence, fostering innovative solutions for real-world challenges. We gratefully recognize the John Dewey Circle members below.
The john dewey circle
$50,000 and Above
President’s Circle
E. John Rosenwald, Jr.
Marla L. Schaefer m
Christopher and Janice Williams
$25,000 to $49,999
Trustees’ Circle
Joyce B. Cowin m
Ruth and David Gottesman m
Antonia and George J. Grumbach, Jr. m
John and Patricia D. Klingenstein m
Julie A. Leff m
Enid W. and Lester S. Morse, Jr. m
Dailey Pattee, Ph.D.
Laurie M. Tisch
Jay P. Urwitz m
Steven R. Wechsler m
Sue A. Weinberg m
$10,000 to $24,999
Dean’s Circle
Mr. and Mrs. James Benkard m
Dorothy J. del Bueno, Ed.D. m
Dawn and Ric Duquès
Patricia F. Green m
Marjorie and Gurnee F. Hart m
John W. Hyland, Jr. m
Elliot S. and Roslyn Jaffe
Susan and Elihu Rose
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Rueckert m
Charo Uceda
Elisa Wilson m
Richard and Lisa Witten
$5,000 to $9,999
Scholars’ Circle
Jeremiah M. Callaghan
Gene R. Carter, Ed.D.
Joseph M. Chamberlain, Ed.D. m
Geoffrey J. Colvin and Marcia Colvin
James P. Comer, M.D., and
Bettye R. Fletcher, Ed.D. m
Rita Gold* and Herbert Z. Gold
Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg
Dr. Jill and Ken Iscol
Laura and Leo Kornfeld m
Claude A. Mayberry, Jr., Ed.D.
Gladys Greenbaum Meyers
Janet Michel Nakushian
Camilla Miner Smith
Diane Sunshine m
Bruce G. Wilcox m
Elaine R. Wolfensohn
$1,000 to $4,999
Members’ Circle
Anonymous (6)
Virginia O. Allen, Ed.D.
Joan Amron
O. Roger Anderson, Ed.D. m
Thurston A. Atkins, Ed.D. m
Ara J. Bahadourian, Ph.D.
Benjamin M. Bakkegard, Ed.D.
Drs. William and Karen Baldwin m
Sara Jane Baldwin Barru m
Evelyn Barthold m
Lydia A. Bellino
Eve R. Bernstein, Ed.D.
Margaret R. and James H. Bernstein m
Karen J. Blank, Ed.D.
Marla R. Brassard, Ph.D. m
Warren M. Brown, Ed.D.
Elizabeth O. Bruner
Judith W. and Robert M. Burger
Amity P. Buxton, Ph.D.
Chen-Miao Chen m
Duane M. and Lily E. Christ m
Frances P. Connor
Drs. E. Richard and Angela Covert m
Joy T. Daugherty m
Lyall Dean m
Vincent D. Del Bagno m
Susan and Robert Diamond
Judith Ehrman m
James Erviti, Ed.D.
Edith Everett m
Scott E. Fahey m
Michael A. Feller, Ed.D. m
Eleanor R. Filburn m
Joan Findlay Dunham, Ed.D. m
Mrs. Ruth W. Friendly m
Joyce Romm Froot m
Gideon W. Fryer, Ed.D. m
Susan H. Fuhrman, Ph.D.
Dr. May Futrell m
Jean J. Goldsmith
Maxine Greene, Ph.D. m
Jon M. Gruenberg m
Ms. V. Ena Haines m
Christine P. Hayward
Elaine Heffner, Ed.D. m
Armentha L. Hill
Joan Ward Hill m
Fiona M. Hollands, Ph.D., and
M. Ethan Berman m
Fumihiro Iwasaki
Thomas James, Ph.D.
Gregory T. Jennings, Ed.D. m
Beverly E. Johnson, Ed.D. m
Beth and Michael Kasser
Nanci-Anne Z. Kauffman and
Scott L. Kauffman
Louise G. Kerner
Faye Kimerling
Jean Lenaz Klaiss m
Eve K. Kleger
Gerald Korpela
Phyllis L. Kossoff m
Mrs. Estelle Stack Kreinik m
Claire A. Krucher
Jan Krukowski m
Lillie Kumar, Ed.D.
Eugene Lang
Joan M. Leiman, Ph.D.
Hjordis Leon m
Alan and Gail Levenstein
B. J. Lewis
Linford L. Lougheed, Ed.D.
Ruth Watson Lubic m
Gwendoline R. MacDonald
Betty L. Madden
John F. Maher
Kathleen McConahey
Judith A. McLaughlin, Ed.D.
Roger and Latie McLean m
Ms. Friedrike Merck m
John Merrow m
Mary Ann Milias St. Peter m
Lorraine Monroe, Ed.D.
Clark E. Moustakas, Ed.D.
Suzanne M. Murphy
Theresa Mysak m
James Neff
Connie J. Neville
Barbara C. Noyes, M.D. m
Elizabeth U. Obih-Frank
Mr. and Mrs. George D. O’Neill m
Cheryl A. Opacinch, Ed.D.
Lida A. Orzeck, Ph.D.
Michael J. Passow, Ed.D. m
Robert V. Piemonte, Ed.D.
May S. Pinto m
William F. Raffaniello m
Michael A. Rebell
Jack Richard, M.D.
Hilda Richards, Ed.D.
Drs. Robert and Elaine Rigolosi m
Dorothy Townsend Robertson m
Beth A. Rogers
Deborah Roth
Carol Rothenberg, Ed.D.
Harriet F. Sadow m
Nancy J. Sahling, Ed.D.
Jane S. Saltoun, Ph.D.
Maria Schantz, Ed.D. m
Jill G. Schiffman m
Naomi B. Schiff-Myers, Ph.D. m
Mildred S. Schmidt, Ed.D.
Nidia A. Schuhmacher m
Bernard L. Schwartz
Christopher P. Scott, Ed.D. m
Robert K. Scripps, Ph.D.
Cynthia D. Sculco, Ed.D. m
Dorothy A. Sebesta m
Mary Ann Seipos m
Joan Shapiro, Ed.D.
Dr. Sonya F. and Mr. Milton Shapiro
Charles Shepard m
James J. Shields, Ed.D. m
Rawley A. Silver, Ed.D.
Carole Sleeper
Dian G. Smith
Professor and Mrs. Frank L. Smith, Jr. m
Harvey W. Spector
Margaret Fecher Stadtlander m
Elizabeth S. Steele m
Donald M. Stewart
Madelon R. Stewart, Ed.D.
Nancy W. Streim
Lee and Roger Strong m
John G. Stuart, Ed.D.
Vincent V. Suppan m
Elouise C. Sutter, Ph.D. m
Edith Rayner Sydney m
Jephtha Tausig-Edwards, Ph.D.
Marlene Taussig
Jane A. Taylor, Ed.D.
Colleen K. Thompson
Maureen G. Topper, Jr.
Andrea L. Van De Kamp
Dr. Elizabeth and Mr. Joseph Vecchione m
Nancy Velez
Kenneth P. Vogt, Ed.D. m
Alice A. Wilder, Ed.D. m
Elaine F. Yaniv m
Stamos O. Zades m
The Maxine Greene Society of Consecutive Giving
Teachers College inaugurated the Maxine Greene Society this year to recognize and thank a community of donors whose reliable participation—year after year—exemplifies Maxine Greene’s value of deep engagement and helps further our common purpose here at Teachers College. These loyal alumni and friends have given consistently to the Annual Fund for five years or more. Consecutive gifts, at every level, support the College’s operating budget, allowing it to pioneer bold new ideas in human development and learning. It is our honor to acknowledge the members of the Maxine Greene Society, highlighted by the letter “m.”
The Annual Fund: john dewey circle continued
The Annual Fund: donors
$500 to $999
Patrick J. Aquilina and Richard R. Gray m
Retha Arnette m
Marshall W. Barron
Doris D. Bell
Julie Blackman, Ph.D.
Saletta Boni, Ph.D.

Ella B. Bonnell
Polly P. Bonsal Goodyear m
Donald A. Boulton, Ed.D. m
Sadie Chavis Bragg, Ed.D.
Katherine Brim m
Martin G. Brooks, Ed.D., and Jacqueline G. Brooks, Ed.D. m
Dr. and Mrs. James V. Bruni m
Gladys C. Burke
Jay Butts m
Jacqueline M. Carmichael m
John L. Carnochan, Jr., Ed.D. m
Joan C. Cavicchi m
Lola L. Chlupsa m
Erbert F. Cicenia, Ed.D. m
Vidal S. Clay, Ed.D. m
William J. Condon, Ed.D.
Eric Cooper, Ed.D., and
Carol Ann Numrich, Ed.D.
Thomas B. Corcoran
Ann Cutchins
Valerie A. Daly
Michael D. Debevec
Gabriel E. Deeb
Alvin D. Delman m
Professor and Mrs. Morton Deutsch
Tom Doar, III m
Rosalind Hunt Doctor, Ph.D.
Robert M. Dorsey m
Stanley Dropkin, Ed.D. m
Dorothy B. Dubose
Patricia L. Duffy
Roberta L. Dukes
Ginger Eliasberg
Richard A. Erney, Ph.D.
Drs. Nate Dickmeyer and Fleurin Eshghi
Valentina Espinosa-Shimizu
Lucia P. Ewing m
Lynn Gaylord m
Michael C. Gillespie, Ed.D.
Nina M. Glasner
Beatrice C. Goldschmidt m
Anna O. Graeber, Ed.D. m
Evelyn L. Greer
Lalla R. Grimes
Dorothy H. Hall m
Richard C. Harper, Ed.D. m
Stephen R. Herr, Ed.D.
Lucy Anne Hession m
Jennifer L. Hickey m
Howard G. Hitchcock, Ed.D. m
Drs. Eugene and Joan Hittelman m
Richard A. Hofmann m
Lucy A. Homans, Ed.D.
Norma K. Horan-Vogt
Dr. Ruby L. Howell and
Mr. Hugh A. Howell m
Caroline P. Huber
John and Jeanet Irwin m
Rebecca E. Iwasaki
Mrs. Carol W. Jacobson m
Sandra S. Johnson
Anton Jungherr
Jill Kalotay m
Carleton A. Kinne m
Carol B. Kornitzer
Grace I. Keller Krumwiede m
Gladys P. Kusterer m
John A. LaVigne m
Babette B. Lent
Fern G. Lowenfels m
Germain D. Ludwig, Ed.D. m
Roland M. Machold m
J. L. Marshall, Ed.D.
Eduardo J. Marti, Ph.D.
Edwin D. McLane, Ed.D. m
Paul R. Mendelsohn m
Professor Elizabeth Midlarsky
Maureen Miletta, Ed.D.
Dwight K. Miller m
Elizabeth D. Miller
Professor and Mrs. Dennis E. Mithaug
Jane C. Moeller
Kathleen D. Morin, Ed.D.
Ruth G. Nathan
Dr. Franklin and Mrs. D. Joan Neff m
Diana M. Newman, Ed.D.
Sharon Y. Nickols
Samuel and Judith Peabody
Margaret V. Ping
Diane C. Quinn, Ed.D.
Edna Runnels Ranck
William W. Riley m
Gennaro Rizzo
Adrienne S. Rodriguez
Kent Brain Rogers m
Barbara Rolling
Drs. Herman and Pola Rosen
Laurie Michael Roth m
Carolyn S. Rusk m
Robert S. Russell, Ed.D. m
Linda B. Saarnijoki m
Rev. Lindell L. Sawyers
Julie E. Schaut m
Calvert E. Schlick, Jr., Ed.D. m
Arthur B. Shedd, Ed.D. m
Agnes L. Sindlinger
Margaret A. Sinnott m
J. Philip Smith, Ph.D. m
Rodney W. Smith m
H. Karl Springob, Ph.D., and
Helen P. Springob m
Marilyn Truitt Staats m
Marisela Hernandez Staller, Ed.D. m
Madeleine S. Sugimoto
Betsy C. Swan m
Laurel N. Tanner, Ed.D. m
Dr. Charlotte P. Taylor
William M. Terrone
Carolyn Tolson m
Walter and Barbara Travis
Donald S. True, Jr. m
Anne E. Voss m
Lillian B. Waicule
Robert S. Weintraub, Ed.D. m
Hannah L. West m
Rosemary A. Whalen m
Natalie M. Whelan
Douglas Williams
Stephen S. Willoughby, Ed.D. m
Susan A. Yeres, Ed.D.
Linda G. Zackin m
$250 to $499
Anonymous (5)
Muriel M. Abbott, Ph.D. m
Anita C. Abraham-Inz m
Hilda L. Abram m
Mari Korper Allen
David K. Almquist
Hedda Sprohge Alsworth
Lillian K. Anderson m
Irma M. Arndt m
Eugenie A. Bardolf
Phyllis L. Barlow
Rachel E. Barr
John R. Barrengos, Ed.D., and
Katherine C. Knopp
John J. Battles, Ed.D. m
Dorothy D. Bennett
Margaret J. Benton
Anne A. Berhowsky
James G. Best
Phyllis M. Blaine
Amy D. Blecher m
Corrine Bloomer, Ed.D. m
Lila E. Blum m
Jean S. Brenner
Richard and Lucille Bridgewater m
Ruth P. Brody m
Charlotte Brown
Alfreda Burblis, Ed.D. m
Robert L. Burkey, Ed.D.
Candida D. Burnap m
Andrew A. Bushko
Mary J. Calabro m
Nancy Cooperstein Carlinsky m
Joseph J. Ciancaglini, Ed.D. m
Robert S. Cohen, Ed.D.
Anne R. Cole m
Joseph M. Crawford, Jr., and
Myrtle Crawford, Ed.D.
William Croasdale, Ed.D. m
Professor Margaret S. Crocco m
Alice Welt Cunningham, Ph.D.
Sarah M. Currie
John J. D’Alessandro
Hannah Teichman Daniels m
George P. Davison m
Dr. Cathy Day
Janet M. Dickey

Peggy A. Dillon
Peter W. Dillon, Ed.D.
Juanita Toley Doggett
Joy Douglass
Roger A. Dunning
Dr. Willie Whitter Echewa
Dick Edel m
Vernon M. Edwards m
Joshua C. Elkin, Ed.D.
Marjorie Ellenbogen
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Evans m
Harriet R. Fayne m
Douglas G. Feick m
Shirley C. Feldmann, Ph.D. m
Doris C. Field
Edna C. Fishback, Ph.D.
Lucille E. Floyd
Johanna H. Flynn
Louise H. Fordham m
Donza Frasier
Stephen C. Frauenthal m
K. William Fried, Ph.D.
Jennifer S. Gaden
Hyla B. Garlen m
James and Carol Gates m
Barbara D. Gholz m
Thelma Anderson Gibson m
Clarisse T. Gillcrist, Ed.D. m
Angus C. Godwin m
Emily S. Goldberg m
Lola Goldring
Elizabeth L. Gordon Delizia
Jane E. Gordon m
Eily P. Gorman m
Rosalyn H. Graves
Sunshine J. Greene
Richard N. Guibord m
Drs. Bernard and Chelley Gutin
Natalie M. Handelman
Richard A. Hansen, Ph.D. m
Thomas L. Hardie, Ed.D. m
Nathaniel Hathaway m
Stanley D. Hayward m
Alice L. Heath
Dr. Edwin L. and Mrs. Patricia Greene Herr m
George I. Herrel m
Jane E. Herzog, Ed.D.
Paul R. Homer m
William C. Hughes, Ed.D.
Thomas and Jill Hull
Leonard A. James, Ed.D. m
Marjorie E. Jansen m
Bonnie D. Jones, Ed.D.
Professor Judy M. Judd
Eileen W. Judell m
Judith L. Judson m
Katherine Kahan
Amarjit Kaur, Ed.D.
Helen Kazolias-Spiegelberg, Ed.D.
Marcia V. Keizs, Ed.D.
Sue N. Kelly, Ed.D. m
Charles L. Kerstein m
Rabab W. Khan
Janine E. Kietrys
Anthony G. Koerner
Maria Kovacs m
Richard R. Kretschmer, Jr., and
Laura W. Kretschmer, Ed.D.
Shirley M. Kreutz Bennett, Ed.D. m
Josephine A. La Lima, Ed.D. m
Mildred Lambert
Mildred C. Larsen
Charles L. Latimer, Jr.,* and Alice W. Latimer
Patricia Laufer
Nancy Lehr Lee
Yu-Shih Lee
Heather Walker Leslie
Henry M. Levin m
Roy J. Lewicki, Ph.D., and Deborah W. Lewicki
Chun Li, Ed.D.
Judith M. Lieberman m
Patsy M. Lightbown, Ph.D.
Sally I. Lipsey, Ed.D. m
Mitchell Lobrovich
Ingeborg Lock m
Alice J. Longman, Ed.D. m
Carole L. Maatz m
Barbara D. Mackey
Barbara R. Mackey, Ed.D. m
Peggy J. Maddox, Ed.D. m
Margie Holloway Major m
Millicent S. Mali m
Diane J. Mancino, Ed.D. m
David Manzella, Ed.D.* m
James F. McClellan, Jr. m
Nicholas J. McConnell
Mary S. McDuffie
Audre J. McLoughlin
Carolyn McNally, Ed.D.
Isobel Mackay Metzger m
Susan and John Meurling m
Jack D. Mezirow m
Harold T. Miller m
Barbara Modzelewski m
Laura C. Moran
Elizabeth A. Morrissey m
Kathleen H. Moss
Kerridan A. Murphy
Ann P. Myers, Ed.D. m
Zeinab Y. Naderi, Ed.D. m
Constance Hoguet Neel
Barbara E. Neuhaus, Ed.D. m
Penny L. Newall
Randolph C. Nichols
Gabrielle Nohrnberg m
Elizabeth N. Weld Nolan
Claire J. Noonan
Jane K. Norris m
Edward J. O’Connor, Ed.D. m
Kathleen G. Paige
Robert M. Palaich, Ph.D.
Leonard B. Panar
Jack F. Parker, Ed.D. m
Wendell R. Parr m
Shirley S. Passow, Esq.
Lawrence F. Pereira, Ed.D., and
Patricia B. Pereira, Ed.D.
Christina T. Pershing m
Dorothy R. Pieniadz, Ed.D. m
Sharon M. Pikus
Edward A. Powers, Ed.D. m
Susan D. Putterman
Angela E. Randall m
Julie Ratner, Ed.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Charles K. Ray
James and Barbara Redd m
Allison L. Reddington
John D. Reeves m
Lynn Haar Reichgott
Marilyn Repsher, Ph.D.
Frederick Ricci, Ed.D. m
Chessie D. Roberts
Gerhard H. Roberts, Ed.D. m
Gary J. Robertson, Ph.D. m
Harriet R. Rodiger
Mildred B. Roxborough
Ruchika Sah
Cheryl S. Saloom, Ed.D.
Karen R. Saunders
Arthur Savage and Harriet Savage
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Schaffer m
Roy O. Schilling
Sylvia S. Schudy m
H. R. Schuessler, Ed.D. m
Richard E. Segall, Ed.D. m
Jill G. Sharfstein
Robert T. Simmelkjaer, Ed.D.
Charlotte F. Spector
Lydia M. Spinelli, Ed.D. m
Elizabeth Steltenpohl m
Ellen D. Stern m
Israel E. Sturm, Ph.D.
Frances D. Styles m
Janice M. Sutton
Austin D. Swanson, Ed.D. m
Mary Jean Swanson m
Thelma Terjesen m
Ethel Jean Thom m
Laura L. Thomas m
Pascal F. Tone
Richard F. Tonigan, Ed.D.
Dorthula A. Trent m
Harold S. Turley, Ed.D. m
Valerie J. Vallade
Mary L. VanBuren m
Gareth M. Vaughan
Anna M. Verdi
Peter H. Vermilye m
James P. Walsh
Annamay M. Walter
Helene A. Wasserman
Edith Z. Weinberg*
Judith Z. Weinberg
Mildred S. Weissman
Kathryn Welds m
Richard G. Wells
Charlotte S. Wert m
Ruth C. West, Ed.D.
LaZelle Westbrook
Clothilde R. Wilder
Tumika Williams-Wilson
Ellen N. Wolfson
Julia S. Wright
Lois J. Zachary, Ed.D.
Marie R. Zwerling m
“Supporting the Annual Fund ensures that the next generation of leaders in the education, health and psychology communities are nurtured and mentored right here at TC.”
–Elaine Rigolosi
“Teachers College approaches the field of education with a breadth and depth that cannot be matched by any other college or university. As a member of the John Dewey Circle I am helping continue TC’s most valued traditions of research and practices.”
–Alice Wilder (Ed.D., 1998)

Published Monday, Apr. 5, 2010